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Party boat is a perfect solution for groups bigger than 4 people. Our boat may serve as a place to host birthday party, small team building event, business meeting, as well as bachelor/bachelorette party. It gives you an opportunity to celebrate, while enjoying beautiful tenement houses from water perspective.

PARTY BOAT is equipped with professional sound system which allows you to play your favourite music! Catering on board is possible for all guest. Additionally, there is a possibility to bring your own food and beverages.


Pedalo, available with or without motor, will open new sighsteeing possibilities for you. Sailing through Motława river will give you access to comfortably see many local tourist attractions, such as: Wyspa Spichrzów(the Grana ry Island), Długie Pobrzeże (Long Embankement), Gdańsk’s famous Crane, Brama Stągiewna (Vat Gate), Marina and many more. It’s a great experience regardless of age! This unusual way of sightseeing helps you to avoid busy Gdansk streets. And that is especially important in the middle of the summer! Apart from that, pedalo is an unforgettable experience itself. It allows you to relax, sunbathe and enjoy your time with family, friends and your loved ones.

Before you set off, a short security and water law training is obligatory. However, the trips are very safe, the pedalos do not move faster than 5km/h (~3 mil/h) and do not endanger other maritime objects.

Trip Boat 450

Trip Boat 450 is a really modern boat that catches the eye and attention of many holiday dreamers! This boat is a perfect choice for both amateurs of recreational swimming and water sports lovers. If you’d like a sunny tan, this boat offers a lot of space for sunbathing on the bow. It also ensures a stress free cruise! Trip Boat 450 is very well equipped with all the necessary equipment and it provides comfort and safety of use for all on board. Another extraordinary advantage of this boat is its sporty appearance, it also accelerates quite quickly, therefore it can be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a large dose of adrenaline on vacation. Due to its equipment and adaptation to this type of escapades, Trip Boat 450 arouses more and more interest among users, so we can certainly say that it’s attractive and desirable in its industry. This boat will provide you with an unforgettable holiday journey with family or friends, offering you nothing but luxury and comfort. This type of summer activity by the water offers much more experience than a regular stationary stay in a hotel or holiday resort. Boat provides a comfortable and great form of travel and that’s why we strongly recommend Trip Boat 450 and wish you crazy experience and fun!

Trip Boat 475

Trip Boat 475 will let you discover the beauty of nature and more! It will provide night escapades lovers with great possibilities to fish. Trip Boat 475 renting is becoming more and more popular, and it is enjoyed by guests from almost all over the world! Popularity of this boat increases from season to season. Trip Boat 475 has a well-shaped hull that enables comfortable swimming. This boat is also extremely roomy, so it is ideal for a family cruise. It is additionally equipped with high boat’s sides (left and right) that guarantee safety while being on board. Renting a motorboat is a great way to spend an unforgettable holiday and offer your family a perfect summer relax. If you are fed up with monotony and you dream about new adventures, if you want to feel like explorers of new lands or crazy travelers, Trip Boat 475 is the answer to these expectations. We are quite sure, that this kind of rest in a comfortable boat, surrounded by the beautiful view and wonderful fresh air will always remain in the memories of holiday-makers. Therefore, do not hesitate and trust the professionals. Rent a boat today and sail where the sight does not reach! Spend a wonderful time and enjoy life.


We are happy to introduce the amazing model of the modern CraigCat E2 Elite boat. It is the best model with high efficiency. After 25 years, new 2015 models are the best sports machines to play with! These machines are equipped with the most modern facilities, such as: high-quality JBL sound system (with USB and Bluetooth), luxurious bucket seats, a chamber for a full-size whole, removable mini bi, ion, NAV, position and deck lights. CraigCat E2 Elite presents perfect balance between the precision of water guidance and ergonomic comfort. This machine is full of the latest features and you can get excited about its appearance and functionality for a long time. This boat has high efficiency in a compact, easy-to-use package. It also has a dynamic sport suspension system (DSTS) and calibrated CHD hull. These advantages ensure a smooth ride and a very high performance that no one can duplicate or cope with. This boat is equipped with an automatic stability control system (ASC), which provides sailer and crew with confidence in almost every conditions. What is more, the engine is quiet and very efficient. This boat will meet all of the customer’s needs and you can be sure that you will feel fabulous on board! It’s the perfect choice regardless of whether you are planning to travel and explore, or fishing. We wish you good sailing!

And now a little bit…


Boat&Bike is situated in the very centre of Gdansk. Available for the whole summer and more, we customise our offer to fit our customers and to the current weather conditions. In our offer, we have motor powered pedalos as well as traditional pedalos, powered by muscle strength. For more party-driven guests we provide Party Boat. You can find more information about our offer and prices in the OFFER section. If you have any additional questions feel free to call us. Look for the phone numbers in CONTACT section.

Our offer is suited for everyone! We would like to invite families with children (minors under 16 years old only with a company of an adult), people of all age, as well as institutions and companies which would like to reward their staff in extraordinary way.

Don’t worry. We provide you with all necessary training required to sail with our pedalos, both in terms of security and manual handling of pedalos, therefore no licence is required.

Price list

Party Boat

Maximum number of people on the boat: 9 

1 hour rental – 250 PLN
Gasoline and steersman included.

While having a bachelor or bachelorette party on the boat, there is an extra possibility to hire a stripper (male/female). 

If you decide to rent a a party boat for more than 3 hours, you get a bonus!
1 x champagne bottle for the cruise and invitation to the party in Miasto Aniolow Club, where you can enter and get a table free of charge!

Wycieczka łodzią 

W sezonie   – od 01.06 do 15.09

1-godzinna wypożyczalnia – 160 PLN
ALL DAY wynajem –  750 PLN

Poza sezonem – po 15.09 

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 120 PLN


W sezonie   – od 01.06 do 15.09

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 100 PLN
CAŁODNIOWO wynajem –  600 PLN

Poza sezonem – od 15.09 

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 100 PLN


W naszej marinie jest 12 pedałów wodnych. 

Rowery wodne z silnikiem elektrycznym mogą być wynajmowane przez wszystkich, nie jest wymagana żadna zgoda. W naszej ofercie znajdują się rowery stylizowane na: pojazd strażacki, taksówka i samochód policyjny. 1 rower jest odpowiedni dla 4 osób.

W sezonie – od 01.06 do 15.09

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 110 PLN
30 minut wypożyczenia – 90 PLN

Duży rower – nadaje się dla 5 osób

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 130 PLN
30 minut wypożyczenia – 100 PLN

Poza sezonem – po 15.09 

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 90 PLN
30 minut renatl – 70 PLN

Duży rower – nadaje się dla 5 osób

1 godzina wypożyczenia – 110 PLN
30 minut wypożyczenia – 80 PLN

Pedały są otwarte do 21:30, dlatego ostatnia podróż (30 minut) musi rozpocząć się nie później niż o 21:00.

Wszystkie wynajęte urządzenia zostaną zwrócone do godziny 21:30.


Borrower bears all responsibility for lent equipment. In case of damage or loss, borrower declares to bear all costs declared by lender. Every overtime minute will be charged extra 3 zl. In order to rent equipment, the borrower must pay in advance and voluntary leave document as a security deposit.

Map with available route



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