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Iława – Ostróda

Go on a wonderful adventure by water channels and lakes through Żuławy and Masuria! A lot of hydrotechnical objects, greenery and history await you, as well as plenty of surprises and other attractions.
The expedition can be started in Ostróda. It is through the airlocks that we reach Buczyniec and then find ourselves in Elbląg. We can also begin the adventure in Iława. We sail in an attractive Jeziorak, we flow through the aqueduct at Lake Karnicki, and then we are in Miłomłyn. We can get to Ostróda through the locks or to Elbląg via slipways.

Proponowane trasy wycieczek

Lake Jeziorak is the longest and sixth largest lake in Poland. Akwen is located within the Landscape Park of the Iława Lake District. There are beautiful landscapes and panoramas of cities waiting for you. A cruise on Jeziorak is an ideal opportunity to admire the rich coastline with many bays, peninsulas and islands.

During the cruise, the participants sail around the largest island in Poland on Lake Jeziorak – Wielka Żuława, covering almost 84 ha. On the other hand, on the mainland, along the route, there is the St. James Route.

The Iławski Canal is located in the Iławskie Lakeland. It is the western branch of the Elbląg Canal and links the water junction in Miłomłyn with the Jeziorak lake. The canal was launched in 1860, and its creation allowed for free navigation between Ostróda and Elbląg as well as Iława and Miłomłyn ..

The water route from Miłomłyn to Jeziorak is 11.5 km long, while the length of the Iławski Canal is 10 Km. The trail goes through a dug canal, then through an artificial embankment on Lake Karnicki, then flows into the Dauby Lake, from where we enter the Kraga Bay on Jeziorak. During the construction of the Iławski Canal it was necessary to face the problem of the difference in water levels between the lakes Karnicki, Ilińsk and Jeziorak. The level of the Karnicki Lake is about 3 meters lower than Jeziorak Lake and 2 meters lower than Lake Ilińsk, near Miłomłyn. Instead of building costly locks, it was decided to build an artificial causeway – on the middle stenosis of the lake, a shaft with a length of 484 meters, a height of 6 meters and a width of 50 meters was constructed. The center of the embankment is a gutter, 10 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. So the route leads through the aqueduct at Lake Karnicki, we sail 2 meters above the level of Karnicki Lake, unfortunately the views are blocked by numerous trees and vegetation.

The route of the cruise takes place on the section of the Elbląg Canal between Ostróda and Miłomłyn. The trip begins with admiring the amazing panorama of Ostróda or the Miłomłyn lock. Particularly noteworthy is the scenery of the Elbląg Canal. In the area of Miłomłyn, the oldest part of the Elbląg Canal is located. In this place, in 1844, the construction of the Canal began. During the cruise we flow through the Miłomłyn lock and the Green sluice – it is called Chamber sluices, originally wooden, later turned into a concrete one.

The Dobrzycki Canal is 2,700 m long and is one of the oldest canals in Poland. Connects the lake Jeziorak with jez. Ewingi. The channel is winding and very narrow in places. It is crossed by power lines and a bridge. Watermen can moor up to two mooring jetties. Aquatic surprises are surprising the irregularity of the banks, reminiscent of a more small meandering river than a regular channel.

The Ostróda lock has undergone a comprehensive renovation. In the past, the driving mechanisms of the gates were manually operated, and the gates opened by means of a chain coupled with a wooden beam, which was fastened to the base of the communication platform. Currently, we have an operator with a pilot, and on both sides of the sluice are light semaphores.

The Ostróda lock has a double-leaf gates. In front of the lock we can moor to the pier with poles. In the area there are shipping signs and water level gauges.

On this eighteen kilometer-long route, which is called the Szeląg Trail, you can encounter protected species of birds. This area has extraordinary cultural and natural values. The route leads through Lake Drwęckie, Pauzeńskie, Szeląg Wielki and Szeląg Mały. Ships cover the locks twice – in Ostróda and Little Russia – which is an unforgettable experience for every participant of the cruise.

Plan your holidays and swim on the Iława and Ostróda channels!

Good to know

The Iławski Canal runs along wooded sections, and the trees here grow just above the water. This affects the reduction of the navigational clearance, which is why we often sail in semi-darkness. You have to be prepared for the branches and parts of the trees that are in the water. There are large shallows in several places, so you need to be vigilant.

The Iławski Canal also has numerous, sharp turns. They occur near the Security Gate. Follow the signs and give audible signals.

Reserve „Jasne”

The reserve covers the oligotrophic Jasne Lake (area 11.19 ha), dystrophic Luba Lake (area 2.42 ha), peat bogs occurring in the lake gutter and the surrounding tree stands. The total area of the reserve is as much as 106.30 ha.