RiB Speed

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RiB Speed

We present to you the RiB Speed sea boat with a power of 100 horsepower. This boat is a perfect combination of speed, agility, and safety, designed for demanding sailors who value high quality and reliability.

Starting with its power, our RiB Speed 100km boat is equipped with a 100 horsepower engine, allowing it to reach significant speeds on the water. As a result, sailors can enjoy dynamic rides, achieving excellent performance on marine waters.

The RiB Speed is designed with agility in mind, enabling precise maneuvering even in challenging conditions. With an advanced steering system and the appropriate hull shape, the boat responds instantly to the helmsman’s commands, allowing smooth turns and quick changes of direction.

Safety is our top priority. The RiB Speed 100km is equipped with multiple features that ensure maximum safety during navigation.

a) Stability: Special side floats provide the boat with stability by balancing the weight and preventing tilting. This allows the RiB Speed to maintain stability even in adverse weather conditions.


RiB Speed

8 seats on board

Plan a sightseeing tour of Gdańsk on water and take an 8-person crew on board.

Skipper's care

A designated skipper is assigned for operating the boat.

Professional assistance

We provide professional instruction in both safety procedures and boat handling techniques.