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eCITY BOAT This is a new tourist attraction in the Boat & Bike offer!
It is a catamaran solar boat with an electric motor. The latest eco-technologies are used to build catamarans, which means that it is quiet and does not emit any fumes. It has on its board MINIBARKS, radio, comfortable seats, cushions and blankets to cover for. Our experienced helmsmen will provide you with a huge dose of joy and positive impressions. Plan a cruise with your friends! The boat can accommodate a maximum of 9 people.

Discover the beauty of Gdańsk in 50 or 55 minutes while learning about the city’s culture and rich commercial tradition. Your cruise will be aboard a quiet and eco-friendly boat powered by renewable energy, away from loud streets full of cars, trams and crowds. Gdańsk is best viewed from the deck of a boat. During a cruise along the Motława River, you will experience what is most interesting in this historic city. This city, steeped in history, is constantly changing. During the cruise, you will encounter ancient and modern buildings while learning about the culture and spirit of the city. A tour of the canals of Gdańsk offers you a great view of the 16th century buildings, but also the image of the 21st century city that Gdańsk has become. Get to know the real face of the capital of the capital of Kashubia. Admire the Green Gate of the 15th-century Crane and the modern Granary Island. See the concert shell of the Gdańsk Philharmonic located near the Sołdek ship which was the first post-war merchant ship and now serves as a museum that can be visited.

Cruises around the city center of Gdańsk

PLN 69 adult – PLN 49 child 50 minutes.

The route – Granary Island, Water Gates: St Mary’s Gate, Straganiarska Gate, Świętojańska Gate, Holy Spirit, Gdańsk, Crane-Crane. St. Ducha Street, Gdańsk Marina, the Sołdek Museum, the Ołowianka Footbridge, the Museum of the Second World War

Ekskluzywne rejsy 55-minutowe

660 zł do 8 osób, możliwość zamówienia cateringu i napojów.

Rejsy dedykowane, możliwość wyboru własnej trasy.
Indywidualny rejs godzinny dla 9 osób. Zwiedzanie, urodziny, wieczór panieński, kawalerski, sesje ślubne, zaręczyny itp.

POLECAMY TRASA – Most Zielony, Muzeum Błękitnego Baranka, Żabi Kruk, Brama Krowa, Brama Zielona, ​​Wyspa Spichrzów, Bramy Wodne: Brama Mariacka, Brama Kramska, Brama Świętojańska, Ducha Świętego, Gdańsk, Żuraw – Żuraw. Ducha, Marina Gdańska, Muzeum Sołdek, Kładka Ołowianka, Muzeum II Wojny Światowej, Hak Polski, Stocznia Cesarska, Stocznia Gdańska, Nowa Motława, Śluza Kamienna, Rondo Motławy.

Proponowany catering:
Duży talerz owoców 290 zł
Duży talerz serów z przekąskami 290 zł
Napoje do uzgodnienia.

Rejs all inclusive 55 minut

950 zł za 8 osób z poczęstunkiem w postaci dużego talerza owoców lub serów z przekąskami i prosecco dla uczestników rejsu.

Dedicated cruises, the ability to choose your own route.

WE RECOMMEND THE ROUTE – Green Bridge, Blue Lamb Museum, Frog Raven, Cow Gate, Green Gate, Granary Island, Water Gates: St Mary’s Gate, Stall Gate, Swietojanska Gate, Holy Spirit, Gdańsk, Crane – Crane. St. Ducha, Gdańsk Marina, the Sołdek Museum, the Ołowianka Footbridge, the Museum of the Second World War, the Polish Hook, the Imperial Shipyard, the Gdańsk Shipyard, the Nowa Motława, the Kamienna Lock, the Motława Roundabout.

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Comfortable eCITY Boat

9 seats on board

Plan a tour of Gdańsk on the water and take on board a 9-person crew.

Helmsman on board

Swim safely with the helmsman

Professional help

We provide professional instruction both in terms of safety and boat service techniques.