Water equipment rental


SUNNY BOAT This is a new tourist attraction in the Boat & Bike offer!
It is a catamaran solar boat with an electric motor. The latest eco-technologies are used to build catamarans, which means that it is quiet and does not emit any fumes. It has on its board MINIBARKS, radio, comfortable seats, cushions and blankets to cover for. Our experienced helmsmen will provide you with a huge dose of joy and positive impressions. Plan a cruise with your friends! The boat can accommodate a maximum of 8 people.

Comfortable SUNNY Boat

6 seats on board

Plan a tour of Gdańsk on the water and take on board a 8-person crew.

Swim without sailing licenses

We do not need sailing patents or other permits to sail our boats.

Professional help

We provide professional instruction both in terms of safety and boat service techniques.