Visit Gdansk

Boat & Bike water equipment rental offers a wide range of equipment for all water tasks. By renting our mopeds or a boat, you can go on a wonderful trek on the Motława River. We recommend you professional equipment for river escapades, using our many years of experience in this field, you will be able to go on a short or long tour of Gdansk, all this depends on time and willingness.

Motława River

is available for larger motor boats, sailing along this route, the seashore is beautifully wooded and the trail itself is extremely picturesque. At the very end of this river, in the center of Gdańsk, we can already see floating passenger ships. That is why the Stara Motława trail is an extremely attractive way to explore Gdańsk, due to its numerous monuments along the banks.

If we want to thoroughly examine all the attractions we have on the Motława trail, we must devote at least one day to it. Gdańsk is a very attractive city, everyone knows its streets or streets, which pleases our eyes, wherever you can successfully reach on foot, but from the perspective of traveling and visiting the boat still a lot ahead of us.

To see all the curiosities, we must devote time to it, the trip itself around the known islands like Spichrzów, Ołowianka or known to us from the history of bastions over the Opływ Motławy will take us a few hours.

Between the Krowie and Zielony bridges, our rental is located, these bridges connect Wyspa Spichrzów with the Main Town.

Sailing along the Motława River from the Green Bridge, we catch the long seashore, where we can successfully visit the showcase of Gdańsk, or Żurawia (construction year 1400-1444)
Sailing further, we can see the Ołowianka Island, where the Central Maritime Museum is located, there also SS Sołdek is moored, it is the first post-war merchant ship in Poland, which was constructed after the Second World War. It is a museum object and you can admire its historic values. When we go further, we will see the Maritime Museum and the Baltic Philharmonic, where concerts are organized in the summer. We can, from a river perspective, admire performances and enjoy beautiful music without fear that there will not be enough space for us.

When we continue, we will approach the estuary of Motława and the Martwa Wisła, from where we can see the cranes from the Gdańsk Shipyard on the horizon.
On the so-called Polish Hook, turning into the right branch of the Martwa Wisła River, we are already sailing along the Rafters’ Wharf, we can admire fishing boats here and watch the fishermen’s work. When we go towards the Siennicki Bridge, we can go further and find ourselves near the bridge. Jana Pawła II, and then sail further to Sobieszowska Island.
If you want to stay in the center of the city, after the Siennicki Bridge, turn right and go further along the Opływ Motławy, see the floodgate, which is sometimes closed due to the high water level.

We can go on when we choose a sluice, we will see again a completely different landscape than before, where we will see the buildings of Lower Town, we will see old historic tenement houses and cathedral churches with beautiful ornaments. This place raises completely different feelings when we can admire them from the position of the river. Bastions of fortifications will catch our attention and arouse slight reflection in our hearts.

At the end of the Mołtawa River, we reach the Stone Lock, it is a historic sluice, where a sign showing the level of water that it reached in April in 1829 was placed, it was one of the biggest floods in Gdańsk.

Here, the gates of the lock are open, we can successfully sail further, and on the horizon we will see the Old Town of Gdansk.