Water equipment rental


We are pleased to introduce you to the amazing model of the modern CraigCat E2 Elite boat. This is the highest model with high efficiency. After 25 years, the new 2015 models are the best sports machines to play! These machines are equipped with the most modern facilities for users such as high-quality sound system JBL with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, have luxurious bucket seats, a full-size compartment, replaceable mini mini, ion, NAV, position and world of the deck. CraigCat E2 Elite have the perfect balance between the precision of water guidance and ergonomic comfort. It is a machine full of modern functions and you can get excited about its appearance and functionality for a long time. This boat has high efficiency in a compact, easy-to-use package. It also has a dynamic sports suspension system DSTS and a calibrated CHD hull, all this ensures a smooth ride and a very high performance that no one can duplicate or meet. This boat is equipped with an automatic ASC stability control system, which provides the driver and passengers with confidence in almost all conditions. The engine in the addon is quiet and very efficient. This boat will serve the customer completely, so we can be sure that on board we will feel exceptionally fabulous. This boat will be an excellent choice regardless of whether we plan to travel and visit or plans to fish. Good sailing!


Comfortable boat CraigCat

2 seats on board

Plan a tour of Gdansk on the water and take a close person.

Swim without sailing licenses

We do not need sailing patents or other permits to sail our boats.

Professional help

We provide professional instruction both in terms of safety and boat service techniques.