Mopeds, Boats – Water equipment rental

Water bikes, Trip Boat, House Boat, Sped Boat and party boats.

For safety reasons on water, lenders are obliged to comply with the following regulations.

  1. Hired watercraft in the form of Bicycles and Boats should be used by the Lessor in accordance with its intended use and technical parameters.
  2. The landlord is prohibited from making any modifications to the borrowed equipment
  3. The water bike is designed for swimming max. With 4 people on board.
  4. It is forbidden to blow or pick up passengers outside the mooring area of ​​ Water bikes and Boat, ie at the wharf (barka) of Miasto Aniołów, ul. Chmielna 26 next to the Green Bridge.
  5. It is forbidden to nailing to other quays or other vessels.
  6. It is forbidden to go by water bikes to open water reservoirs (Gdańsk Bay).
  7. It is forbidden to fly closer than 4 m from the wharf.
  8. When flowing under bridges, flow only under the central span at a safe distance from the pillars supporting the bridge.
  9. In places marked with buoys, you should follow the waterway between them.
  10. There is a right-hand traffic on waterways.
  11. Water bikes and boats always give way to individuals who are bigger than them.
  12. There are no objects of considerable size that can hinder navigation on board.

Priority information and prohibitions for people using inland water boats and boats.

  1. Prohibition to keep and stay onboard Water bikes and Boats people after drinking alcohol and other measures that may make sailing difficult.
  2. No swimming in Water bikes or boats without unloaded life jackets, especially children under 16.
  3. All persons rent Bicycles and Boats on their own responsibility, it is connected with criminal and civil liability in the event of damage or destruction of rented equipment, other vessels as well as loss of health or life by causing a collision or participating in it for reasons beyond their control.
  4. The rental company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of collisions, accidents, loss of health or life of people staying onboard the Water bikes and Boat, as well as other people involved in the collision, accident, loss of health or life after reflecting the Woter bikes and Boats from the Boat & Bike marina until they are moored again in the above place.