Water sports equipment rental

Golden Boat

Feel free to explore our bestseller – the Hybrid 626 boat. This excellent sports boat is perfect for family outings and various water activities. The Hybrid 626 model is a spacious and comfortable vessel with a large sun deck at the bow and stern. However, the true advantage of this boat lies in its construction.

Thanks to its perfectly designed hull, the Hybrid 626 boat achieves excellent performance right from the moment of takeoff. It easily transitions into a planing mode, providing a dynamic and smooth ride on the water. Whether you prefer peaceful cruises or thrilling rides, this boat will meet your expectations.

The Hybrid 626 is not only a fast and maneuverable boat but also a guarantee of comfort. Comfortable seating and ample deck space ensure exceptional experiences during every journey. You can enjoy the sun on the bow deck or organize a pleasant picnic on the stern. This boat is ready for any water adventure.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or just beginning your adventure, the Hybrid 626 boat will provide you with unforgettable moments on the water. See for yourself why it is highly popular among our customers. Get ready for unforgettable sports-style experiences with our Hybrid 626 boat.


Golden Boat

8 seating places on board

Plan a sightseeing tour of Gdańsk on water and take an 8-person crew on board.

Skipper's care

A designated skipper is assigned for operating the boat.

Professional assistance

We provide professional instruction in both safety procedures and boat handling techniques.